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2022 State Property Tax Rebate & Benefit Program Booklet

Assemblyman Ron Dancer's office has completed its compilation of state property tax programs in the 2022 edition of the Property Tax Booklet. If you are interested in learning more about programs, credits, and discounts that may apply to you, download the PDF booklet now.

Help Stop Murphy's Forced Energy Conversion of New Jerseyans' Homes

Rutgers Spirit of the Horse Award Presented to Assemblyman Ron Dancer

You elect legislators to get the job done.

When you have questions, Assemblyman Dancer gets answers.

Dancer Gets Answers

Assemblyman Ron Dancer knows how to solve problems at home in District 12 and at the State House in Trenton. For nearly 20 years, Assemblyman Dancer has been listening to the voices of New Jerseyans and fighting for them. When a new and complex issue facing the people comes along, Assemblyman Dancer isn't afraid to do what it takes to get people the information they need. Dancer gets answers.

That's why we've started a new segment on AssemblymanDancer.com to provide those answers to the public. Stay tuned for updated information on novel topics affecting District 12 and the rest of New Jersey.

New Jersey's Afghan Refugee Crisis

Due to the sudden presence of thousands of Afghan refugees at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, Assemblyman Ron Dancer asked federal officials a series of questions about the circumstances there. Those answers have been provided and Dancer wants to report them to the people of the 12th Legislative District.

Assemblyman Dancer listening intently behind the dais in a committee meeting.
Assemblyman Dancer in conversation after a committee meeting.
Members of the General Assembly lowering their heads in prayer.

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