Dancer Gets Answers

When Assemblyman Dancer asks, he gets answers.

New Jersey's Afghan Refugees

Due to the sudden presence of thousands of Afghan refugees at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, Assemblyman Ron Dancer asked federal officials a series of questions about the circumstances there. Those answers have been provided and Dancer wants to report them to the people of the 12th Legislative District.

“It’s important to provide information to local residents who may be concerned about what’s going on at the joint base. It is only through open communication that we can let residents know what the federal government is saying and create a dialog to ensure all questions are answered,” said Dancer (R-Ocean).

Dancer’s late-September letter to Thomas Decker, Federal Coordinator of Joint Task Force Liberty at the joint base, was answered in mid-October. The Assemblyman’s questions were prompted by constituent concerns and reports from other bases about assaults by refugees against children and a female member of the American military, among other things.

E-mail from Ronald S. Dancer, Assemblyman, N.J. Gen. Assemb., to Thomas Decker, Director, U.S. Dep't Homeland Security (Sept. 27, 2021).pdf

Mr. Decker’s responses indicate that:

  • there are 9,400 Afghans at the joint base;

  • the majority of Afghans who will be resettled in the United States have worked in support of the U.S. in Afghanistan, or are family members of those who did;

  • Afghans paroled into the U.S. receive screenings and vaccinations, including COVID-19 vaccination, absent proof of prior vaccination;

  • the Afghans housed there are not confined to the base; and

  • minor crimes have been committed among this population, but no felonies have been committed or charged.

FC Response Letter - Assemblyman Dancer (12OCT2021).pdf

Dancer’s question about housing plans for when the refugees leave the base was largely referred to three resettlement agencies in New Jersey.

“America has always been a welcoming country. I’m sure most Americans would be particularly glad to welcome any of the Afghans housed at the joint base who have put their lives on the line to serve beside our brave military,” said Dancer (R-Ocean).


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